Max’ pray (26)

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This is dedicated to someone or anyone or any wider groups that still need something for helps to solve their problems from someone else or some others. But as if do not know what to do, how to look for problem solvings, to whom you should share, talk, and be listened about that. And it could be still in process of all. Here what I could do is just typing while praying to God all at once for you. I do hope that everything would be okey. God is always in your and our heart and bless you and us as well.


Max’ response to the year after 2012 (25)

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As we all know thru informations that we woulld have got something happens in the year of later 2012. Some “predictors” say that after the year of it world would become new. And when we count up that time is still around 3 more years from now. But life goes as usual as if there is nothing would occure. And as common people–except may be some scientists, we do not know and not prepare something as well if it is really happening. My maximum giving appealing participation could be connected by that issue coinsidently but it is also not. Mine or ours is based on more realistic needs of world in balance and harmony and if so we are able to live together in this one world in good and cool conditions, aren’t we ?

Max’ new philanthropy (24)

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I never read books about philanthropy and anything concerning with it. The only things I recognise was probably the main subjects. In other words, I just read the titles of the subjects. But my intuitive reading says that maximum giving is relatively new topic or at least urgently needed in this time moment. And this is one of my reasons why I write it.